Dubai Business Directory

Dubai has been one of the most important ports of the Gulf region. However in the past two decades Dubai has seen a rise as global financial leader and undoubtedly the business capital of the Middle East. From being a desert region with limited accessibility to the outside world, Dubai has now grown by leaps and bounds. Dubai boasts of the tallest building in the world, beautiful shopping malls and state of the art infrastructure that has opened up a host of avenues for business in Dubai. Dubai has a strategic location serving as the connection between Asia and the Western World. Although primarily a petroleum and natural gas dependent economy, the current Dubai business directory boasts of all sorts of industries thriving in its fold.

Emergence of Dubai as the business hub

The main factor that contributed to the development of Dubai is the infrastructure. Dubai stands at par with the best cities of the world in terms of infrastructure. In addition to that Dubai has low operational and logistics costs. Among the Middle Eastern countries, UAE and particularly the city of Dubai, has the most liberal approach. The business directory Dubai proudly states the list of companies in the sectors of Tourism, Trade, Infrastructure, Finance and Gold.